Welcome to Austin Vipers

Mothers & Sons Serving Together to Impact Their Local Community

Welcome to the Austin Vipers chapter of the Young Men’s Service League. We have been making a difference in the lives of our Mothers, Sons and our Community since 2012.

The four years of high school go by incredibly fast. Finding time to spend together with your teenage son gets harder and harder. When you join YMSL as a member, you commit to spending quality time together with your son serving your community.

Together, in action, you foster a lifestyle of civic engagement demonstrating the importance of education, not just in the classroom — but in the issues impacting the community around us, empathy for those whose circumstances may differ from your own, and engagement in the process of making this world a better place for all by utilizing your own time and talents.

In addition to service, YMSL offers valuable leadership opportunities and a four-year curriculum that covers topics such as car repair, interview skills, cooking, hazing prevention, and more.

We hope you will consider joining us in creating memories and service projects that impact ourselves and our community forever. The time to start the membership process is during your son’s 8th-grade year. We look forward to meeting you and serving together. Scroll down for more details.

About YMSL

The Young Men’s Service League is a 501(c)(3) non-profit national organization. Members of YMSL are moms and their teenage sons who volunteer together to serve their local communities during his four years of high school. YMSL currently represents over 10,400 moms and 11,500 young men as part of more than 100 chapters across 16 states. 

YMSL offers moms service opportunities and time together with her son(s) to grow their relationship and to instill in him a heart of service to last a lifetime. In addition to service, as part of its four-year comprehensive program, YMSL teaches leadership and life skills to develop our young men to become the capable, confident, and compassionate leaders of tomorrow.

The pillars of the YMSL experience are service, learning, and leadership. YMSL is a four-year comprehensive program. Requirements for membership include:

YMSL Sponsor

YMSL is a sponsorship organization, a prospective member needs to be sponsored by a current member of the chapter she wishes to join. Contact membership for guidance. Enrollment is during the son’s 8th-grade year. 

4-Year Commitment

Joining YMSL is a four-year commitment. Young men and their mothers are expected to remain active in the chapter during his four years of high school. An annual Volunteer and Senior Recognition Banquet is held each spring.

20 Hours of Service

A minimum of 20 service hours are required annually at a variety of chapter approved philanthropies. Most of these hours must be served as a Mother/Son team.

Job within the Chapter

Each mom and son must individually serve in a job or leadership position within the chapter. Positions rotate annually. Roles offer valuable experience and leadership opportunities.

5 Meetings

A structured four-year curriculum for young men covers a variety of life skills and brings in local speakers. Young men must attend at least 5 men’s meetings per year. Moms must attend at least 3 moms meetings per year.

Membership Fees

YMSL annual chapter dues and banquet fee.

Contact membership for more details.

Joining YMSL

Ready to take the next step?

Enrollment for new members takes place in January/February/March of the son’s 8th-grade year.

If you do not know anyone in YMSL, please contact us to assist you.

YMSL is a sponsorship organization, which means a prospective member needs to be sponsored by a current member of the chapter they wish to join.

If you would like to learn more about joining, please click the contact membership button below to send us a message. 

Our Chapter’s Membership Dates & Deadlines for Enrollment:
  • 02-06-2021Prospective Member Meeting (12:00 pm)
  • 02-08-2021Prospective Member Meeting (6:00 pm)

Contact Membership



Our Chapter’s Leadership Board

Dionn Schaffner (She/Her)

Board Member: VP Communications

Kristen Hill

Board Member: Parliamentarian

Susan Child

Board Member: First Vice President

Jeanna Reed

Board Member: VP Website

Ann Buchanan

Board Member: President

Stephanie Draeken

Board Member: Assistant VP Membership

Jamie Eppele

Board Member: Assistant VP Young Men Coordinator

Shawn Stanton

Board Member: VP Philanthropy

Molly Cloran

Board Member: VP Membership

Lee Ann Gullett

Board Member: VP Young Men Coordinator

Annie Fojtik

Board Member: Assistant VP Philanthropy

Lori Piening

Board Member: Treasurer

Sharon Schick

Board Member: Assistant Treasurer

Sarah Valenzuela

Board Member: Secretary

Philanthropies we Serve

Some local philanthropies that we currently have the honor of partnering with

  • Central Texas Food Bank – CTFB
  • Colorado River Alliance – CRA
  • Down Home Ranch – DHR
  • Fig Leaf Clothing
  • Geri’s Locker
  • Hill Country Community Ministries – HCCM
  • Keep Austin Beautiful – KAB
  • Leander ISD Educational Excellence Foundation – LEEF
  • Meals on Wheels – MOW
  • Miracle League
  • Open Door Brunch (Micah 6 of Austin)
  • Partners in Hope
  • Partnerships For Children
  • Reveal Ministires
  • Sheriff’s Dept./Brown Santa
  • Side by Side
  • Support Our Troops (SOT)
  • Texas Advocacy Project
  • The Trail Foundation
  • Ultimate Gift
  • Urban Roots
  • Wreaths Across America
  • YMSL National Organization

If you are a philanthropy interested in partnering with our chapter, we would love to hear from you. Please use the contact our chapter button below. 

Contact our Chapter

We look forward to hearing from you about membership or how our members can serve your philanthropy and our community. Click the button below to contact our chapter.

If you are interested in joining our chapter, please use the contact membership button in the Join section.

To learn more about the YMSL National organization visit: YMSL.org

To see a full list of chapters visit: YMSL.org/find-a-chapter

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